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Let’s get this out of the way – I’m a lazy guy. I lead a sedentary WFH life and barely step out of the house in a week. So it is a really big deal for me that today I completed the Couch-to-5K programme 😀

C25K Week 9 Day 3
C25K Week 9 Day 3

The biggest sell of C25K for me was it’s simple. Just 30 mins in a day and you take the next day off. That’s it. I started the 9-week programme and steadily kept up with the alternate day runs. I’ve never done anything athletic before. At all. So the first few weeks felt daunting (but very doable). As the weeks progressed, the runs started getting longer and the walking breaks shorter. I was able to work up a decent pace. The last 3 weeks were the most enjoyable –  no walking breaks and just a function of stamina.

Through these 9 weeks I’m at awe at how the body copes up to newer challenges. Every run increases endurance that little bit, I’m able to run that much longer. I could not run more than 100m before needing a 10 min break. Now I can comfortable run for 30 mins and can catch my breath in about a min. Of course, there were a couple of bad days where I ran too fast or I hadn’t eaten enough. But I’ve learned how to avoid both of those and unsurprisingly it’s just dumb me 🙂

I feel bad I couldn’t schedule the programme such that I could participate in the TCS 10K earlier this month. But hey – I’m looking out for the next one 😀

Hat-tip to the folks over at /r/c25k for being a great source of information and motivation!

What’re you waiting for? Read the FAQ, tie your shoelaces and RUN!